Customizing the Feedback Portal Look

TeamPulse users, who are granted "modify portal settings" permission can customize the look of their project in the Ideas and Feedback Portal by setting custom logo and colors that, will be applied on the site. They can also allow submitting private feedback from the portal. By default "modify portal settings" permission is set as part of the project administrator permission group.

Customize Buttonenlarge screenshot 

To navigate to the Customization page open TeamPulse -> Settings tab -> Portal Settings. Customization is not allowed when your portal is set to disabled state, so you will need to set it to public or private. Click the "Customize…" button and you will be redirected to the actual customization page.

Customization Pageenlarge screenshot

The following customizations could be applied:

  • Private feedback

    • submit only public items - this is the default setting. Public feedback items are visible in the portal to all users.
    • submit public and private items - when user submits a feedback he is allowed to mark it as private. In that case the item will be visible in the portal only for him. Other portal users and team members of the project will not see it in the portal. Team members can access all private feedback from TeamPulse.
    • submit only private items - when user submits new feedback it will be automatically marked as private.

    Feedback that is submitted as public can be marked as private from TeamPulse. From that point on in the portal the item will be visible only to its author.

     Submit feedback private optionenlarge screenshot
  • Colors

    • Page background
    • Search background
    • Links colors – default and hovered mode. Note that menu links will not be changed according to this change.
      Portal customizedenlarge screenshot

    Colors can be entered in any format supported by browsers:

    • HTML color names – for example Silver, Green, Purple
    • HEX format – for example #500000
    • Web-safe colors – for example  #F00

    You may read more about web colors from here.

    If you haven’t made any customizations, the default TeamPulse Ideas & Feedback Portal colors are presented. Whenever you change a color you will see it applied in the box/text on the right.
    Customize portalenlarge screenshot

  • Logo

    When you upload custom logo, if it is bigger than 600px x 600px it will be resized to fit those values. We recommend you to upload image of the exact format you wish to be displayed on the portal.

    We suppose that sometimes your product name will be part of the logo, so there is an option to omit the project name in the branding section of the portal.
    Portal logo onlyenlarge screenshot

  • Advanced settings

    Advanced settings provide even deeper way for customization.

    • CSS - you could add your own CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code and apply deeper changes on font, colors and images.
    • JavaScript - you are able to insert your custom JavaScript – for example add Google analytics tracking code.

    Note that you should just include the plain code without <style> tag for CSS or <script> for JavaScript.

    We would like to encourage you to pay attention if you decide to add advanced customizations, because we do not perform code validation and just apply what you have entered on the portal for your project.

    However, at any time you can come to this page and remove any customizations – this way your portal will have the default TeamPulse look.


"Reset all customizations…" button clears all entered values and removes the custom uploaded logo, but it does not perform a save, so you will need to explicitly to save the changes.

When you choose to preview your changes, the default portal page will be opened with the current customizations applied.  This will not affect your live portal at any way, so you will be able to explore your changes in an isolated environment.

When portal customizations are saved, changes will automatically be applied on the site.