Configuring Project's Visibility On The Portal

When you have activated your Feedback portal, you need to set which projects and which items are visible on the portal. By default all projects and feedback items created from TeamPulse are hidden and you have to explicitly specify that they should be accessible from the portal. 

Setting the visibility of a project on the portal

From the Administration Site

The visibility of a project on the Ideas & Feedback portal is configured from the User and License management site.

To change the visibility of a project:

  1. Go to the Administration site. 
  2. Select the "Ideas & Feedback Portal" link from the navigation
  3. Select "Manage Portal".
  4. Click the radio button with the desired state. If the state is disabled the project will not be visible on the portal. If project is public everyone with the url link can submit item, vote or comment for item. If project is private only users with the Portal Access can see any items. You can learn how to give access for the private portal from here.

Set Portal visibilityenlarge screenshot


Once the project's portal is public or private the the name of the project becomes a link that will take you to the corresponding portal page.


Manage Ideas & Feedback Portal Settings from TeamPulse