Edit Your User Profile

You can edit your user profile in the Ideas & Feedback Portal.


After login, you can edit your user profile by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner.

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Once on the Edit Profile page a you can edit your email, first name, last name, and user profile picture. You cannot edit your username. If you are a Windows Credentials user, your domain name will be listed with your username similar to the following: DOMAIN\username.


Whether you are licensed for the main TeamPulse application or not licensed (a.k.a. you can only use the portal), you can use this page for editing your profile. First name and last name are required for licensed users but are optional for not licensed users. A user will not be licensed automatically if they have registered via the Ideas & Feedback Portal.


You can upload a profile picture on this page. Only .jpg, .jpeg, and .png file types are allowed with a maximum file size of 4MB. The image will be re-sized on the server so that it's longest side is 160px. The images aspect ratio and file type will be maintained. It will not be re-sized if it's longest side is less than 160px. Most images will have a file size of about 10KB after resizing.


If you want to remove your profile picture use the 'Remove Current Image' button. 


If you are a licensed team member within the scope of the project portal being accessed, you will see a check box allowing control of a special Team Member badge that can be displayed below your profile picture within the portal. 


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Checking or un-checking this box will not affect other project portals for which you may have access, giving users full control of their badge display on a per-project portal basis. 


When a user has chosen to display a team member badge for a given project, their profile picture will be adorned with the badge whenever it appears within the portal. The display of this badge is cached for performance for 90 minutes. So if a user is removed from a project, or their license is revoked, the badge will continue to display for up to 90 minutes.


Portal Edit Profile Pageenlarge screenshot


If you are not a Windows Credentials user, and instead are a username/password user, you will have the option to change your password on this page as well. You can do this by clicking on the 'Change Password' link which will open an additional set of fields. Your are required to provide your current password and confirm your new password to change it. Passwords must be at least 7 characters, but no other password strength requirements are enforced.


If email notifications have been configured by a TeamPulse administrator, the notifications section of this page can be used to control whether or not you receive emails when feedback items you follow are changed or commented on.  If the notifications section does not appear, it is because email notifications have not been configured.  For more information about configuring them, see the section entitled Email & Notification Setup.


Portal Edit Profile Pageenlarge screenshot