Attaching Files to Feedback Items or Comments in the Ideas & Feedback Portal

Portal users can attach files to the feedback items they create by pressing the "Attach Files..." button. Attachments can also be added to comments in a similar manner.

attach filesenlarge screenshot 


The uploaded files can be removed or canceled if needed.

When all the files are uploaded press the "Submit" button to save the new feedback items and its attachments.


The "Attach Files..." button will not be available if the functionality has been disabled by a system administrator. In this case users will not be able to attach files to feedback items.  



All the files must pass the administrator defined checks while uploading. When a file doesn't pass the validation logic, an error message will be shown. For example, file types, size or count may be limited.



Users can attach files to feedback items only when creating those items. Users are not allowed to modify or delete attachments after the feedback item has been created. However, attachments may be added to comments on the item.


Viewing feedback item attachments

The number of attached files is shown in the list of feedback items. This count includes the attachements on the actual feedback item and the attachements in comments on this item.

attachments countenlarge screenshot


Once the feedback item has been created you can navigate to its details page to see the list of attached files. If there are additional attachments located in comments, a message will appear stating that.

attachments listenlarge screenshot


Clicking on the download link will result in a file download, while the view link will attempt to use the browser to view the file. If the browser cannot view the file, it will simply prompt for download. For example, image files (jpeg, png) can be viewed in the brower, however a word document file typically can not be.