Manage TeamPulse Authentication

TeamPulse supports two types of authentication methods - Windows and Forms. You can choose one of them or use both.


How to change authentication settings?

Go to Administration and click on the Authentication Settings link in the navigation.

Authentication settingsenlarge screenshot


Windows Credentials

With windows credentials people use their account from the active directory of the company, organization, etc. When creating users which will use windows credentials the Username and Domain should match the one from the active directory.

Forms Authentication

Forms authentication allows you to use TeamPulse with users different from windows users. This way you can include people into projects that are not in the company but are related to a project or people that are not with the same domain without having to worry about VPNs, etc.


Saving Changes

When you choose Forms Authentication you disable logging in with Windows Credentials. That's why if there are licensed users that use Windows Credentials for authentication you will not be allowed to disable it. The opposite is also true.

Error changing authentication settingsenlarge screenshot


Otherwise if the save is successful you will be informed properly:

 Save successfulenlarge screenshot


Changing that option affects only the main TeamPulse application, the Administration site and the xView site. There is a separate option for the Ideas & Feedback portal authentication method - see Manage Feedback Portal Authentication.


Only users that have Server Administrator Role enabled can access the Administration site and therefore can enable or disable the authentication method - see Managing Server Administrator Role.