Managing Work Types

Time can be tracked against different types of work and the types available are completely configurable. Using the work types screen you can add, reorder, and delete work types for a project.



To manage work types for a project, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the project in TeamPulse.
  2. In the ribbon, choose Settings > Time Tracking Settings.
  3. Click the Customize... button to go to the Work Types pages in the Administration site.
    • To manage work types you must have the 'Edit Project Settings' permission in the project. If you don't have this permission, the Customize... button will be disabled. For more information, please see the section entitled Project Level Settings.
  4. On the Work Types page you can add, reorder, and delete work types as explained in the sections below. You can also use the project list to edit work types for other projects.



Work Types screenenlarge screenshot




Default Work Types

By default, each project contains two work types: Billable and Non-Billable. These types are not required and you are free to delete them if they are not needed. Deleting a work type will not delete the time entries logged against them.



New Work Types

To add a new work type, enter a name in the drop-down list beside the Add button, or select an existing work type from the list. Once the name has been typed in or selected, press the Enter key or click the Add button to complete the operation. The drop-down list is populated with all the existing work types across all projects in the system.


New work typeenlarge screenshot



Once a work type has been created, it can be selected wherever logging time entries is allowed. For instance, from the timesheet, click the icon in the work type column and then select the new work type. In the log work dialog, use the work type drop-down list.


Timesheet - choose work typeenlarge screenshot


Log work dialog - choose work typeenlarge screenshot




Using drag and drop from the work types screen, you can sequence the work types in any order you wish. This is most useful for determining which work type is the default for the project. When logging work the default work type will be pre-selected and all time entries will be logged against this work type unless the work type is changed by the user. To make a work type the default, simply drag it to the top of the list.




You can delete work types from a project at any point and the time entries previously logged against it will be preserved. To delete a work type, go to the Work Types screen and click the "trash can" icon beside the item the should be deleted.


Please note that at this time there is no way to completely delete a work type from a server, so even if the work type is deleted from all projects, it will still appear as an option in the drop-down list on the Work Types screen.