General Settings

To view or edit project's general settings go to Settings -> Projects and select a project from the list. If you have the permission to edit project settings (project admin) or you are System Administrator you would be able to edit its name, goal and the default iteration length.

Note that changing "Default iteration length" will not affect the length of the existing iterations.


In this section you can control which features you would like to use in your project. You can choose wether to hide personas from the user interface and also to hide the Source tab for an item when source control integration for TFS or Git or SVN is enabled.

Disabling Personas

By default personas are enabled for all projects but sometimes teams will not use personas. In that case you can disable this feature for your project and personas will not show in the story info or in the project settings. To disable personas open “General Settings” tab for a project and simply click on the “Off” button in the “Features” section of the screen.

disable personas feature

To enable it again just click on the “On” button.

Disabling Source

The option for enable/disable the Source tab is right under the Personas option. If you do not see it then the source control integration is not enabled for a TFS or Git connection.

Once the source control integration is enabled then the project administrators will be able to turn it to "Off" or "On". The default value for all projects is "On" but if you do not integrate you project with any source control system you can hide the Source tab from the item details by turning that feature to "Off".