Changing TeamPulse Domain

By default TeamPulse uses the machine name and ports 9898 and 9896 respectively for TeamPulse and Feedback Portal sites. In some cases you would wish to expose those sites using different domains and there are some configuration changes that need to be applied, which we will show below. We do recommend, however, that anyone uncomfortable with editing config files have their system administrator help make these changes.

To change the port in the IIS you can follow the steps from this article.

We provide an easy way to change the port and the domain name of your application. You can simply change the domain and port by using the TeamPulse Uri Changer. It is really easy, you just need to input the new domain name in the filed and the program will do the rest.

Note: If the domain name is not resolved on the TeamPulse server machine (proxy for example) you should add a mapping to the server host file to be able to resolve the domain from the local IP.

For example:

If you prefer, you can manually update configuration files:

+ How to manually update

Notification Settings

Also be sure to to go ahead and change the notification settings so that the system sends emails with working links.
When you go to Settings->Configuration->Notification Settings