You are Not Authorized to Access TeamPulse Error

Occasionally such error may appear when accessing your TeamPulse instance, the reasons for which can be divided into two categories.

1. You do not have an active TeamPulse license

Ask your TeamPulse Server administrator to check if you are a licensed TeamPulse user.
This information can be obtained from TeamPulse >> Settings >> Launch Administration >> Manage Users

2. Your Windows credentials were misspelled during Activation with Windows authentication

After you create your first user after installing and activating TeamPulse, you are at step 2 “Create TeamPulse users” of the Start wizard.

Under “Access Information”, the default choice is “Windows Credentials”, meaning that you need to enter your Windows access username and domain under “Username” and ”Domain”. Provided the values entered there do not match with your actual Windows credentials, your TeamPulse user will be created, but you’ll not be authorized to log in when you start TeamPulse

This case can easily be solved by running a simple SQL query in order to remove the already created user. Although the same can be achieved via SQL Server Management Studio, the steps below come in handy when you do not have access to any SQL instances and you only have SQL Express as part of TeamPulse installation:

a. Open Windows Start menu
b. Search for cmd and press “Enter”
c. Enter the following (or just copy/paste it):

sqlcmd -s local\sqlexpress; -q "use teampulse; delete from [rule]; delete from [user];"

d. Observe the output: <x rows affected> if the command was executed successfully:

Start TeamPulse again and you’ll encounter this screen

Click on “Create user”, but be careful to clear your browser cookies and cache and/or force refresh the page via CTRL+F5 before that. If you did not manage to do that, an error screen might appear, stating that you are still not authorized.