TeamPulse and Team Foundation Server 2012 synchronization

To synchronize TeamPulse with Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2008 and above (2010, 2012), you must have an instance of TFS with at least one project collection running in your environment.  From within TeamPulse you can then connect to a project collection by providing the credentials of a user that has administrative access to TFS (such as a TFS service account).  Once a connection to a project collection has been established, you can easily choose a TFS project and begin synchronizing work items with TeamPulse.  


Team Explorer 2012 must also be installed on the TeamPulse server and can be downloaded for free at the following location:

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2012

Note: It is important to restart the TeamPulse Integration Service in order for it to pick up the changes made by the Team Explorer installer. To restart the TeamPulse Integration Service, follow these steps:

1. Open the Services application in Windows on your TeamPulse server machine.

2. In the list of services, scroll until you find TeamPulse Integration Service.

3. Right-click on the TeamPulse Integration Service entry and choose Restart from the context menu.