Split TeamPulse and Feedback Portal Installation

The Feedback Portal's site is probably already installed on the machine where the core application is (it is deployed with the installation of the core application even if you do not use it). You can copy the FeedbackPortal folder from your core server and paste it in the desired location on both of the two machines web01 and web02 (example).

Repeat the following steps for each of the external machines accordingly:

1. Create a new site in the new server's IIS and point it to the FeedbackPortal folder, give it appropriate bindings according to the URL that is going to be used for access to the site.

2. Open the Application Pools screen and make sure that the application pool created for the Feedback portal is set to .Net Framework v4.0 and Managed Pipeline Mode is set to "Integrated". Make sure that the identity used by the site is an account that has permissions to use the SQL Server database back on the original server.  

3. Open the Web.config file for the new Feedback Portal site (it is placed in the root folder of the site) and edit the server in the  <connectionStrings> element to point correctly to the original SQL Server database (e.g.: if the default value is set to (local)\sqlexpress - change it to {name-of-the-SQLServer}\sqlexpress). See below:

The FeedbackPortal needs to access the TeamPulse database. If you can't use windows credentials you can use the sql server credentials to connect to it.

4. Also in the Web.config file, in the <appSettings> element you'll need to place a correct value for "MachineID". To do that open the Admin pages of your TeamPulse site (the web URL is: {your-TeamPulse-site}/Admin/License) and copy the Machine Info Key placed there. 

Should you need to encrypt the key, contact us.

On the original server (The one that hosts the main TeamPulse application):

5. Open the Web.config file for the main TeamPulse site (you'll find it in {your-TeamPulse-installation-folder}/wwwroot/).  In the <appSettings> element: change the value of the FeedbackPortalURL to point to the new location of the portal using the common domain name that is mapped to the machines in your webserver-farm - e.g.:     <add key="FeedbackPortalURL" value="http://{your-feedbackportal-url}/Project/"/> and see the screen shot below:

Note that for future upgrades of TeamPulse you will need to repeat the described process