How to handle sync errors caused from the TFS workflows?

There is a difference between the TeamPulse and TFS related to the Workflow of the Status transitions. For example in TFS you can have something like:

        <STATE value="Done">
            <FIELD refname="Conchango.TeamSystem.Scrum.WorkRemaining">
              <COPY from="value" value="0" />


TeamPulse doesn’t have such automatic flows. And in such cases the synchronization of item that is “Done” and has value different from 0 cause a sync error during the sync. You can handle this situation as you remove that automatic flow in the TFS work item.

You can do that as you:

  1. export the definition of the item;
  2. remove the workflow causing the issue (in the above example delete the "<FIELDS>" elements);
  3. import the update work item definition.

You can read more about Export and Import Work Item Types from an Existing Project.