Error on TeamPulse Start Screen

Occasionally, misconfiguration of IIS leads to throwing an exception on TeamPulse start screen after install or upgrade. It can also appear if another installed product conflicts with IIS settings for TeamPulse. Examples of such products that might cause issues when installed on the same system are Microsoft Sharepoint and Adobe ColdFusion.

Such cases are usually solved by one of the options below (in this order)

1.Setting up Windows and Forms Authentications in IIS

In most cases these settings are applied automatically by the TeamPulse installer but occasionally these settings must be applied manually. See this KB article for all the steps necessary.

2.Reset ASP.NET with IIS

In most cases, settings are applied automatically, but in more complicated scenarios for example when there is a third party program that register some additional handlers in IIS, etc., a reset of ASP.NET is needed. See this KB article for all the steps necessary.