Accessing TeamPulse data via the OData service (versions 2012.*)

NOTE: The information here is applicable only for the versions from 2012.

Accessing and updating data via our OData service is a great option for accessing your TeamPulse data store. We wrote a blog post with details about how to handle authentication against the oData layer:

Manipulating TeamPulse data is easy via our OData data service.  Start by adding a web service reference to http://<TeamPulse server name>:9898/Services/DataService.svc.  If you have the OData protocol analyzer extension you can get a nice visual of our object model (you can get the protocol analyzer here).

Attached is a sample project that will lay out the basics for you.  It demonstrates getting data using a couple of different methods and also making changes and saving them back to the service. 

Note that great care must be taken when making changes to the data.  The OData layer does not contain all of the business logic that surrounds data manipulation in TeamPulse.  If you are not sure about potential consequences to data changes you are looking to making then feel free to contact support and we'll be happy to advise you.