Fixing a Synchronization That Appears to be “Stuck”

There are rare times when a synchronization that has been initiated does not complete and the synchronization UI becomes ‘stuck’ on the Synchronization In Progress message. This may occur if an unexpected error occurs during synchronization (such as the machine hosting the TeamPulse Integration Service being unexpectedly restarted during a synchronization). To resolve these rare occurrences we have provided a web service call that can be accessed to reset the project synchronization status to a ready state.

This should only be used if you are certain that the synchronization is indeed ‘stuck’ and is not still ongoing! Before making the web service call, it is recommended that you check the integration log file to ensure that no synchronization activity is taking place.  For more information about the log files, see the section entitled Log Files.

To reset your project synchronization status, enter the following URL into your browser, replacing the parameter values marked by braces [] as appropriate:

http://[server]:[port]/Services/DataService.svc/ResetProjectSyncStatus?ProjectId=[project ID]