Project Sync Status

To synchronize project work items you must go to Settings > Integration and open " Work Item Synchronization" tab.


From " Import Project" button you can import project from TFS. Read more about the Import Project Wizard.

From " Synchronize Existing Project" button you can choose existing project to synchronize. 

" Synced Projects"  section shows the list of projects that are currently synced with this TFS connection. Project's name is a link to project's TFS sync information. " Synchronization status" shows the status of the project sync.

Possible statuses are:

  TFS_Integration_OKSyncStatus - Project has synchronized with no problems.

  TFS_Integration_ErrorStatus - Synchronization has encountered errors. Read more about Dealing With Errors

  TFS_Integration_ConflictStatus - Conflicts have occurred during synchronization. Read more about Dealing With Conflicts.

  TFS_Integration_SyncStatus - Synchronization is currently in progress.

  TFS_Integration_PendingStatus - Project is pending for synchronization