Enabling Private Conversations

Ideas & Feedback portal items can be set as "Private". This means that only the person who submits the item and TeamPulse projects members (of the project the feedback was submitted to) will be able to to see it.

Enabling the "Submit as private" functionality

Go to your project's portal setting screen (Settings -> Projects -> Your Project -> Portal -> Settings).

From the Private Feedback section choose one of the following options:

  • submit only public items - this is the default setting. Public feedback items are visible in the portal to all users.
  • submit public and private items - when user submits a feedback he is allowed to mark it as private. In that case the item will be visible in the portal only for him. Other portal users and team members of the project will not see it in the portal. Team members can access all private feedback from TeamPulse.
  • submit only private items - when user submits new feedback it will be automatically marked as private. Later, if needed, this private feedback could be set to public from within the TeamPulse.

Feedback that is submitted as public can be marked as private from TeamPulse. From that point on in the portal the item will be visible only to its author. These private items can be changed to public from the backend later.