FAQ: Integrations

How do I setup TFS synchronization?

You can synchronize items between TeamPulse and MS TFS.

Read more how to setup synchronization.

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Can I import a project from TFS? How can I do that?

Yes, you can. After you've setup the synchronization with TFS, you can import an existing project's item into TeamPulse, Import a project from TFS.

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How do I troubleshoot TFS synchronization errors?

You can find a the synchronization errors' codes along with information about them and how to fix them here.

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How do I associate TFS changesets to TeamPulse work items?

Learn how to associate changesets with TeamPulse items and to update your items from the check-in comments - TFS Source Control Integration

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How do I setup integration with Telerik TestStudio?

Read more about it in our TestStudio integration guide.

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What TFS servers does TeamPulse can integrate with?

TeamPulse can integrate with:

You can read more into Connecting to TFS.

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How to connect to Git repository?

TeamPulse can connect to:

  • GitHub repository
  • Local Git repository

You can read more into  Connecting to Git.

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How do I associate Git commits to TeamPulse Items?

Learn how to associate commits with TeamPulse items and how to update your items from the commits' comments - Associate Source Control Commits To TeamPulse Items