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How can I import items into TeamPulse from .CSV file?

To import items from a .CSV file, navigate to: Settings -> Work Items -> Import. Then select a file to import by clicking the "Select file..." button, choose а project, select the file separator and click the "Import" button.

A couple of validations will be performed on the uploaded file before creating items in TeamPulse:

  1. The headers of the columns will be validated first (they represent the fields of the items in TeamPulse). TeamPulse will inform you if there are either missing or unsupported fields. If there are headers that are missing but are required (e.g. Type), an error will appear and you will not be able to proceed with the import (see the image below): 

    If there are headers that cannot be imported, TeamPulse will show warnings with the information about the invalid headers. You may click on "Ignore and import" button to proceed with importing anyway:

  2. After that the data will be validated against the required, default and allowed value rules from the project settings. If there are any errors they will be shown along with the row line number so you can easily edit the file and fix them. If there are valid rows that can be imported you can click on the import button to import only the valid data and create corresponding TeamPulse items. See the image bellow for more details: 

  3. After the import has finished you will receive a report on the number of rows that were imported: 

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What type of items can I import?

You can import Stories, Features, Bugs, Issues, Risks and Feedback items in TeamPulse projects. There might be some restrictions based on your project level permissions though. When you change the project from the project selector a message will be shown if there is any work item type that you do not have permission to import:  

Note: Tasks cannot be imported.

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Which fields can I import?

Here are the supported column headers by type (if any of the columns in the file that you try to import differ you have to change their name to map it with the listed bellow):

Story Feature Bug Issue Risk Feedback
 Type  x x x x x x
 Name  x x x x x x
 Area * x x x x x x
 Release * x x x x x x
 Iteration * x x x x x x
 Description x x x x x x
 Assigned To x x x x x  
 Team * x x x x x  
 Estimate x x x x x  
 Sync with TFS x x x x x  
 Priority x   x x x  
 Blocking     x x x  
 Triaged     x x x  
 Severity     x x x  
 Resolution     x x x  
 Certainty x          
 Complexity x          
 Maturity x          
 Priority Class x x        
 Value Class x          
 Steps To Reproduce     x      
 Benefit       x    
 Probability         x  
 Feedback Type           x
 Is Private           x
 Visible in the Ideas & Feedback Portal           x
 Portal Description           x
 Size           x
 Source           x

* Values for these fields should be created in TeamPulse in advance.

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How to import items with custom fields?

To import items with custom fields the server administrator of TeamPulse should create the custom fields, add them to the project and select for which item types they are applied. The data for the custom fields is also validated against the required, default and allowed value rules defined for the corresponding custom field.

To find out more about custom fields, follow this link.