Status Codes and Errors

Sadly, sometimes requests to the API are not successful. Failures can occur for a wide range of reasons. In all cases, the API should return an HTTP Status Code that indicates the nature of the failure (below), with a response body in JSON format containing additional information.

200 Success

If data was requested, it will be available in the data field at the top level of the response body.

201 Created

Its information is available in the datafield at the top level of the response body. The Resource URL where the object can be retrieved is also returned in the Location header of the response.

400 Bad Request

This usually occurs because of a missing or malformed parameter. Check the documentation and the syntax of your request and try again.

401 Unauthorized

You are not authenticated or your credentials are expired. Authenticate first, in order to perform this action.

403 Forbidden

You don't have enough permissions to perform this action.

404 Not Found

Either the request method and path supplied do not specify a known action in the API, or the object specified by the request does not exist.

500 Internal Server Error

There was a problem on our end.

In case of an error, the response body will contain a list of errors:

Response with errors

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
    "type": "Type 'Spory' is not valid. Please, choose a valid value from the list: Story, Bug, Risk, Issue, Feedback, Task"