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How to Add report viewer to a Windows Forms' .NET Core project

This article explains the steps needed to integrate the WinForms report viewer to a .NET Core project.


  • Visual Studio 2019 or newer

  • .NET Core SDK 3 Preview 4 or newer

  • Windows Forms App (.NET Core) project

  1. Add the following assembly references (available in Telerik Reporting installation Bin directory) or NuGet package references (available in Telerik private NuGet repository):

    • Telerik.Reporting (located in Bin\netstandard2.0)

    • Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms (located in Bin\netcoreapp3.1)

  2. Instantiate UriReportSource and set the proper UriReportSource.Uri relative path:

    Telerik.Reporting.UriReportSource reportSource1 = new Telerik.Reporting.UriReportSource();
    reportSource1.Uri = @"..\Report Catalog.trdp";
  3. Instantiate and setup the WinForms Report Viewer:

    var reportViewer = new Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms.ReportViewer();
    reportViewer.ReportSource = reportSource1;
    reportViewer.Dock = System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle.Fill;
    reportViewer.Name = "reportViewer1";
    reportViewer.TabIndex = 1;

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