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The article lists commonly met issues on upgrading projects containing Telerik Reports.

Report cannot be built and opened in Visual Studio Report Designer

Test running the Upgrade Wizard and build the project. Resolve any errors and warning for removed or obsolete properties by checking the corresponding and previous release notes - Release History

Prior to removing any types or properties, we keep them obsolete for several official releases. If there is an error due to a removed property/namespace, test downgrading to a previous version of Telerik Reporting to check the project's build warnings and to handle any obsolete code warnings. Finally, you will be able to upgrade the project to the desired version without errors.

Changes in the Report Designer will automatically resolve obsolete code warnings in the report definition.

Report cannot be opened in the Standalone Report Designer

If you see an error like 'Telerik.Reporting.Xml.XmlSerializerExcepion: An error has occurred during xml serialization. The xml serializer cannot resolve type with name: Report' , you are trying to open a report created with a greater Standalone Report Designer version.

Each Telerik Reporting installation provides its own Standalone Report Designer application installed by default under [InstallDir]/Report Designer directory. The reports created in XML format are marked with a specific data schema and are saved with TRDP or TRDX extension.

The data schema (XML version) used for each Telerik Reporting version can be found in the Upgrade Path articles.

Report is now obsolete. Please use the ReportSource property instead.

The above message may appear in projects using Telerik Reporting Q2 2012 or greater. Please refer to the information from the following KB article: How to migrate your project to utilize the new ReportSource objects.

Visual Studio Report Designer is Blank.

Test running the Upgrade Wizard and restarting Visual Studio. If the report cannot be loaded by the Visual Studio Report Designer, test to navigate to the definition of the report's InitializeComponent method. As a result you must see the report's Designer class. If not, check Visual Studio Report Designer is Blank.

Error message: "Object of type 'XXX' cannot be converted to type 'XXX'.". Where 'XXX' is the same Type.

Run the Upgrade Wizard and restart Visual Studio. Then manually verify that all Telerik Reporting assemblies are upgraded to the same version - Upgrading Telerik Reporting Projects.

Web Site Project is not upgraded after running the Upgrade Wizard.

The Upgrade Wizard is not designed to handle Web Site Projects. Web Sites handle assembly references differently and Telerik Reporting Wizards and Designers are not designed to work with such settings. You can manually add viewers or upgrade the Web Site. Reports should be designed in an external ClassLibrary project referenced by the Web Site project. For more details, check Upgrading Telerik Reporting Projects.

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