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This article provides solutions for issues you might encounter while installing and upgrading Telerik Reporting projects.

The installer fails and I am not able to install Telerik Reporting

Solution. Run the installer as administrator or from an admin account to avoid rights elevation problems.

If the Telerik Reporting installer fails, generate an installer log to identify the reason for the problem which occurred:

  1. Open a command prompt window by clicking Start. In the prompt, type cmd. Press Enter.

  2. Navigate to the folder in which the Telerik Reporting installer is located.

  3. Run the msiexec /i Telerik_Reporting.msi -l*xv install.log command where install.log stands for and has to be replaced with the directory path and filename where you want to save the log. Press Enter.

  4. After you generate the file, archive it and attach it to a support ticket with more information on the issue.

The report cannot be built and opened in Visual Studio Report Designer


  1. Run the Upgrade Wizard.

  2. Build the project.

  3. Resolve any errors and warnings for removed or obsolete properties by checking the Upgrade.

Changes in the Report Designer will automatically resolve obsolete code warnings in the report definition.

Before their complete removal, all obsolete types and properties are kept in Release History for several official releases. If an error which is related to a removed property or namespace occurs:

  1. Downgrade to an earlier Telerik Reporting version.

  2. Check the warnings of the project build.

  3. Handle the obsolete code warnings.

  4. Upgrade the project to the desired version without errors.

The report cannot be opened in the Standalone Report Designer

Description. When you try to open the report, it throws a Telerik.Reporting.Xml.XmlSerializerExcepion: An error has occurred during xml serialization. The xml serializer cannot resolve type with name: Report .

Cause. You are trying to open a report that is created with a later Standalone Report Designer version. Each Telerik Reporting installation provides its own Standalone Report Designer application that is installed by default under [InstallDir]/Report Designer directory. The reports that are created in an XML format are marked with a specific data schema and are saved with a .TRDP or .TRDX extension.

Solution. Find the data schema (XML version) that is used for your Telerik Reporting version. All versions are available in the Upgrade articles section.

An error that the report is now obsolete occurs

Description. The project throws a The report is now obsolete. Please use the ReportSource property instead. error.

Solution. This message may appear in projects which use a Telerik Reporting Q2 2012 or later version. For more information, refer to the article on migrating your project to utilize the new ReportSource objects.

The Visual Studio Report Designer is blank


  1. Run the Upgrade Wizard. Restart Visual Studio.

  2. If the report cannot be loaded by the Visual Studio Report Designer, navigate to the definition of the InitializeComponent report method. As a result, you will see the Designer report class.

  3. If the Designer report class is not visible, refer to the article on Visual Studio Report Designer being blank.

Missing Telerik menu in Visual Studio


Telerik Visual Studio Extensions are disabled.


  1. Open Visual Studio.

  2. Go to menu Tools - > Extensions and Updates...(for Visual Studio 2019 Extensions - > Manage Extensions)

  3. Open the Installed tab on the left​

  4. Search for Telerik Reporting Tools and make sure they are Enabled


If the article does not help solving your problem, please follow these steps to generate Visual Studio ActivityLog file before contacting our support:

  1. Open Developer Command prompt for Visual Studio 20xx under Administrative rights.

  2. Execute the command devenv /log %userprofile%\desktop\ActivityLog.xml. This will start Visual Studio and create logs on your Desktop.

  3. Reproduce the problem

  4. Attach the Activitylog files when you contact our support.

An error message about object of type XXX that cannot be converted to type XXX occurs

Description. An Object of type 'XXX' cannot be converted to type 'XXX' occurs where XXX is the same Type.


  1. Run the Upgrade Wizard.

  2. Restart Visual Studio.

  3. Manually verify that all Telerik Reporting assemblies are upgraded to the same version. For more information, refer to the article on upgrading Telerik Reporting projects.

The website project is not upgraded after running the Upgrade Wizard

Cause. The Upgrade Wizard as well as all Telerik Reporting Wizards and Designers are not designed to handle website projects because websites handle assembly references in a diffreent way.

Solution. Manually add viewers or upgrade the website. Design reports in an external ClassLibrary project that is referenced by the website project. For more information, refer to the article on upgrading Telerik Reporting projects.

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