Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

ReportViewer Class

Inheritance Hierarchy


Namespace:  Telerik.ReportViewer.WebForms
Assembly:  Telerik.ReportViewer.WebForms (in Telerik.ReportViewer.WebForms.dll)


public class ReportViewer : CompositeControl, 

The ReportViewer type exposes the following members.


Public methodReportViewer
Initializes a new instance of the ReportViewer class


Public propertyDocumentMapVisible
Indicates whether the DocumentMap should be visible.
Public propertyHeight (Overrides WebControlHeight.)
Public propertyParametersAreaVisible
Indicates whether the ParametersArea should be visible.
Public propertyProgressTextObsolete.
Public propertyReportObsolete.
Gets or sets the report displayed in the viewer.
Public propertyReportBookID
Public propertyReportSource
Gets or sets the ReportSource for the report displayed in the viewer.
Public propertyResources
Use to customize the texts for labels, tooltips and messages.
Public propertyShowDocumentMapButton
Indicates whether DocumentMap button should be visible.
Public propertyShowExportGroup
Indicates whether Export group should be visible.
Public propertyShowHistoryButtons
Indicates whether the page navigation controls are visible.
Public propertyShowNavigationGroup
Indicates whether the page navigation controls are visible.
Public propertyShowParametersButton
Indicates whether Parameters button should be visible.
Public propertyShowPrintButton
Indicates whether Print button should be visible.
Public propertyShowPrintPreviewButton
Indicates whether PrintPreview button should be visible.
Public propertyShowRefreshButton
Indicates whether the Refresh button should be visible.
Public propertyShowZoomSelectObsolete.
Indicates whether the Zoom input box should be visible.
Public propertySkin
Gets or sets the name of the skin that is used by the viewer.
Public propertySkinsPath
Gets or sets the relative path of the folder containing the skins.
Protected propertyTagKey (Overrides WebControlTagKey.)
Public propertyToolbarVisible
Indicates whether the toolbar should be visible on the viewer.
Public propertyViewMode
Specifies whether the viewer is in interactive or print preview mode.
Public propertyWidth (Overrides WebControlWidth.)
Public propertyZoomModeObsolete.
Gets or sets the zoom mode of the viewer.
Public propertyZoomPercentObsolete.
Gets or sets the percentage of zoom used for the report display.


Protected methodCreateChildControls (Overrides ControlCreateChildControls.)
Protected methodLoadViewState (Overrides WebControlLoadViewState(Object).)
Protected methodOnInit (Overrides ControlOnInit(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnLoad (Overrides ControlOnLoad(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPreRender (Overrides ControlOnPreRender(EventArgs).)
Protected methodRecreateChildControls (Overrides CompositeControlRecreateChildControls.)
Public methodRefreshData
Refreshes the current report in the viewer. Last used parameter values are used.
Public methodRefreshReport
Causes the viewer to clear the cache and render the report again.
Protected methodRender (Overrides CompositeControlRender(HtmlTextWriter).)
Protected methodSaveViewState (Overrides WebControlSaveViewState.)

Explicit Interface Implementations

Explicit interface implementationPrivate methodIParserAccessorAddParsedSubObject
When implemented by an ASP.NET server control, notifies the server control that an element, either XML or HTML, was parsed.

Version Information

Supported in: 1.0.1

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