Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

ReportViewerModel Class

Represents the report viewer model created and used internally from the ReportViewer.

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Namespace:  Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight
Assembly:  Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight (in Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight.dll) Version: R3 2021 SP2


public class ReportViewerModel : ObservableObject

The ReportViewerModel type exposes the following members.


Public propertyApplyReportParametersCommand
Gets the ApplyReportParamters command.
Public propertyAvailableZoomValues
Specifies the available zoom values
Public propertyBookmarkTarget
Specifies the bookmark target.
Public propertyCancelExportCommand
Gets the CancelExport command.
Public propertyCancelPrintDocumentCommand
Gets the CancelPrintDocument command.
Public propertyDocumentMapNodes
Gets or sets a list of document map nodes.
Public propertyDocumentMapToolTip
Gets the Document Map tooltip
Public propertyDocumentMapWidth
Gets or sets the width of the document map column
Public propertyErrorMessage
Gets or sets the error message.
Public propertyExportProgress
Gets or sets the text displayed during the export action.
Public propertyExportReportCommand
Gets the ExportReport command.
Public propertyHasDocumentMap
Indicates whether there is a document map or not.
Public propertyHasParameters
Specifies whether there are parameters or not.
Public propertyIsDocumentMapVisible
Indicates whether the document map is visible or not.
Public propertyIsExportEnabled
Specifies whether the export is enabled.
Public propertyIsMoveToPageEnabled
Specifies whether there is another page you can navigate to.
Public propertyIsParametersAreaVisible
Specifies whether the parameters area is visible.
Public propertyIsPreviewButtonVisible
Determines the preview button visibility state
Public propertyIsPrintPreviewChecked
Specifies whether the PrintPreview mode is toggled.
Public propertyIsToggleDocumentMapEnabled
Indicates whether the toggle document map button is enabled or not.
Public propertyIsToggleParametersAreaEnabled
Specifies whether the toggle parameters area button is enabled.
Public propertyMoveToFirstPageCommand
Gets the MoveToFirstPage command.
Public propertyMoveToLastPageCommand
Gets the MoveToLastPage command.
Public propertyMoveToNextPageCommand
Gets the MoveToNextPage command.
Public propertyMoveToPreviousPageCommand
Gets the MoveToPreviousPage command.
Public propertyNavigateBackCommand
Gets the NavigateBack command.
Public propertyNavigateForwardCommand
Gets the NavigateForward command.
Public propertyNavigateToSpecificPageCommand
Gets the NavigateToSpecificPageCommand command.
Public propertyPageCount
Specifies the total number of the report pages.
Public propertyPageHeight
Gets the current page height.
Public propertyPageNumber
Gets or sets the current page number.
Public propertyPageNumberModel
For internal use only
Public propertyPageRoot
Specifies the page root.
Public propertyPageTransform
Specifies the page transform.
Public propertyPageWidth
Gets the current page width.
Public propertyParameterModels
Gets or sets a list of parameter models.
Public propertyParameters
Gets or sets a list of report parameters.
Public propertyParametersToolTip
Gets the Parameters tooltip
Public propertyPrintDocumentCommand
Gets the PrintDocument command.
Public propertyPrintPreviewToolTip
Gets the Print Preview/Interactive view tooltip
Public propertyPrintProgress
Specifies the print progress.
Public propertyPrintReportCommand
Gets the PrintReport command.
Public propertyProgressMessage
Specifies the text of the progress message.
Public propertyRefreshReportCommand
Gets the RefreshReport command.
Public propertyRenderingExtensions
Represents a list of rendering extension infos.
Public propertySaveExportCommand
Gets the SaveExport command.
Public propertySelectedDocumentMapNode
Gets or sets the selected node of the document map.
Public propertyState
Gets or sets the report viewer state.
Public propertyTextResources
Gets or sets all the tooltips and messages.
Public propertyTogglePrintPreviewCommand
Gets the TogglePrintPreviewCommand command.
Public propertyUpdateParametersProgress
Gets or sets the text of the update parameters progress message.
Public propertyViewMode
Specifies whether the viewer is in interactive or print preview mode.
Public propertyZoom
Specifies the scale factor.
Public propertyZoomMode
Specifies the current zoom behavior of the viewer.
Public propertyZoomText
Gets or sets the zoom value as text.


Used from the ReportViewer template.

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Supported in: 1.0

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