Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

ReportsHostBase Class

Represents the base host for the reports services which needs to be inherited in the client application

Inheritance Hierarchy


Namespace:  Telerik.Reporting.Services.ServiceStack
Assembly:  Telerik.Reporting.Services.ServiceStack (in Telerik.Reporting.Services.ServiceStack.dll) Version: R3 2021 SP2


public abstract class ReportsHostBase : AppHostBase, 

The ReportsHostBase type exposes the following members.


Protected methodReportsHostBase
Initializes a new instance of the ReportsHostBase class


Public propertyCatchAllHandlers (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyConfig (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyContainer (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyContentTypeFilters (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyExceptionHandler (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyPlugins (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyPreRequestFilters (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyCode exampleReportServiceConfiguration
Gets or sets the configuration of the report service.
Public propertyRequestBinders (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyRequestFilters (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyResponseFilters (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyRoutes (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Protected propertyServiceController (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyServiceExceptionHandler (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyViewEngines (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public propertyVirtualPathProvider (Inherited from AppHostBase.)


Public methodConfigure (Overrides AppHostBase.Configure(Container).)
Protected methodCreateCacheObsolete.
Creates an ICache implementation instance that will be used for internal storage from the service.
Protected methodCreateMailMessage
Creates the mail message that will be used in SendDocument
Protected methodCreateReportResolverObsolete.
Creates an IReportResolver implementation instance that will be used for report resolving from the service
Protected methodCreateServiceManager (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public methodCreateServiceRunner``1 (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Protected methodCreateStorageObsolete.
Creates an IStorage implementation instance that will be used for internal storage from the service.
Public methodDispose (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public methodExecuteService(Object) (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public methodExecuteService(Object, EndpointAttributes) (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Protected methodGetUserIdentity
Override this method to substitute the default UserIdentity retrieval logic, which uses System.Web.HttpContext.Current.User.Identity
Public methodInit (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public methodLoadPlugin (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Protected methodOnCreateDocument
Called when document is requested, before rendering the document.
Public methodOnEndRequest (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Protected methodOnGetDocument
Called when document is requested, before sending the response.
Public methodRegister``1 (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public methodRegisterAs``2 (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public methodRegisterService (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public methodRelease (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public methodResolveAbsoluteUrl (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Protected methodCode exampleSendMailMessage
Sends an e-mail message containing a report document to its recipients. Override this method in order to effectively send the mail message.
Public methodSetConfig (Inherited from AppHostBase.)
Public methodTryResolve``1 (Inherited from AppHostBase.)

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Supported in: 1.0.1

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