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Setting the Page Header

This article is part of the Demo report guide on getting started with Telerik Reporting and demonstrates how to customize the page header by setting the background and adding a title and a logo.

Setting the Header and the Title

  1. Click pageHeaderSection.

  2. From the Properties grid, select Style > BackgroundColor and set the 0, 105, 104 color.

  3. From the bar, select Insert to add the title. Click TextBox to automatically place the TextBox in the header.

  4. From the Properties grid, select the Font option to change the font of the title.

  5. Change the Font Color to White.

  1. Go to Insert and select PictureBox.

  2. Include the desired picture through the Value property. If you need to adjust the size of the picture, use the Sizing property.

Previewing the Result

Preview the result by clicking Preview > PrintPreview.

Page Header

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