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How to Add/Remove Page Header & Footer Sections

By default, every new report is created with a page header section and a page footer section.

  • Any control you place in the page header section is rendered at the top of each page of the report's output.

  • Any control you place in the page footer section is rendered at the bottom of each page of the report's output.

To Add or Remove the Page Header/Footer Section

  1. Right-click in the empty space around the sections.

  2. Select Page Header or Page Footer.

Page Header/Footer Specifics

The size of page sections can be controlled with Bindings. However, the inner items won't force the page sections to grow. If a report item inside a page section grows beyond its parent size, the page section would not grow to accommodate it and the part that does not fit would be cut off. Listed below are page section specific properties:

  • PrintOnFirstPage : Set to False to suppress the page section on the first page of the report.

  • PrintOnLastPage : Set to False to suppress the page section on the last page of the report.

The PageHeader PrintOnFirstPage has priority over its PrintOnLastPage. The opposite is valid for the PageFooter. For that reason, when a report contains only one page, hence it is both the first and the last, for the PageHeader the PrintOnFirstPage property will be respected, and for PageFooter - the PrintOnLastPage.

Page sections are not related to the report itself, but are relative to the paper or screen. Thus page sections of nested/detail reports are ignored and only the page sections of the main report are visible.

Data Items cannot be used in page sections, because the latter are processed after the report data has been processed. At this moment the report data source is not available anymore.

For some reports, it is useful to include a page-scoped aggregate in the page header or page footer of the report. For example, a per-page sum total may be rendered if the page includes numeric values.

For more information, please refer to the PageExec description in the Functions article.

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