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How to Create Scatter Chart

In this article we will show you how to create a Scatter chart using the Graph item in the Visual Studio Report Designer.

  1. Add a new graph item to the report.

    1. Set the DataSource property to a new SqlDataSource.

    2. Set the connection string to the demo AdventureWorks database.

    3. Set the query to the following one:

      SELECT Sales.SalesOrderHeader.SubTotal, Person.Contact.FirstName+ ' '+ Person.Contact.LastName as [Name],
      FROM  HumanResources.Employee
      INNER JOIN Sales.SalesPerson ON HumanResources.Employee.EmployeeID = Sales.SalesPerson.SalesPersonID
      INNER JOIN Sales.SalesOrderHeader ON Sales.SalesPerson.SalesPersonID = Sales.SalesOrderHeader.SalesPersonID
      INNER JOIN Person.Contact ON HumanResources.Employee.ContactID = Person.Contact.ContactID
    4. You can click on Execute Query... just to check if everything is OK with the database connection. Click Finish when you are ready.

  2. Go to the Properties pane -> Data and open SeriesGroups collection editor and click Add :

    1. Set the new group Groupings to: =Fields.Name

    2. Set the Sortings to: =Sum(Fields.SubTotal) with Desc order.

    3. Set the Name to seriesGroup1

  3. Go to the Properties pane -> Data and open CategoryGroups collection editor and click Add : By default this will add a new static group (group without grouping).

    1. Set the Name to categoryGroup1
  4. Go to the Properties pane -> Presentation and open CoordinateSystems collection editor and Add a new CartesianCoordinateSystem.

    1. Leave the Name to cartesianCoordinateSystem1.

    2. Set the XAxis to New Axis with Numerical Scale.

    3. Set the YAxis to New Axis with Numerical Scale.

  5. Go to the Properties pane -> Presentation and open the Series collection editor and Add new LineSeries.

    1. Set the CategoryGroup to categoryGroup1.

    2. Set the SeriesGroup to seriesGroup1.

    3. Set the CoordinateSystem to cartesianCoordinateSystem1.

    4. Set the X value to =Sum(IIf(Fields.OrderDate.Year=2003, Fields.SubTotal, 0))

    5. Set the Y value to =Sum(IIf(Fields.OrderDate.Year=2004, Fields.SubTotal, 0))

    6. Set the LineStyle.Visible to False.

    7. Set the DataPointStyle.Visible to True.

  6. Set the color palette, the formatting of the labels, the values of the legend and any other improvements as needed. For more information, see Formatting a Graph.

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