Progress® Telerik® Reporting R1 2020


This section elaborates on the most common errors which occur when using the Barcode item and explains how to avoid them.

  • Some of the barcode types (symbologies) restrict the characters which can be used in the encoded data. If during the encoding an invalid character for the symbology is encountered an error message is shown instead of the actual barcode. In this case make sure that you provide a value that conforms with the symbology character set.

  • It may happen that the generated barcode size is greater that the available size from the item. In this case an error message is shown instead of the actual barcode. To workaround this issue you can increase the size of the Barcode item, set the Barcode.Stretch property to true or use a smaller value for the Barcode.Module property.

  • When ShowText is true and the size of the text exceeds the bounds of the Barcode item an error message is rendered to indicate the problem. In this case check the font familiy and size or increase the size of the item.

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