CategoryScale Properties
Progress® Telerik® Reporting R2 2018

CategoryScale Properties

The CategoryScale type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCrossAxisPositionObsolete.
Zero value is where the other axis crosses the current axis;
(Inherited from Scale.)
Public propertyCrossAxisPositions
Public propertyCrossAxisValueObsolete.
Applied when GraphScaleCrossAxisPosition is set to GraphAxisZeroValueMode.Specific. Zero value is where the other axis crosses the current axis.
Public propertyPositionMode
Specifies how the tick marks are positioned in relation to data points.
Public propertyReversed
Indicates whether to arrange values in reverse order.
(Inherited from Scale.)
Public propertySpacingSlotCount
Determines the number of space slots that will be left around the DataPoints per category slot, measured relatively to the DataPoint slot's width: Empty Space = SpacingSlotCount * DataPoint_SlotWidth
(Inherited from Scale.)

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