Progress® Telerik® Reporting R1 2020

How to: Configure the OpenClientDataSource Component

You can connect to data from OpenEdge AppServer ABL procedures using the Telerik OpenClientDataSource component. To do this, you need the following prerequisites and configuration settings.


  • Running instance of OpenEdge AppServer with deployed supported ABL procedure

  • Generated .NET 4.0 proxy assembly for the target procedure along with its dependencies.

Configuring the OpenClientDataSource Component

  1. Add OpenClientDataSource component

    • For VisualStudio use the OpenClientDataSource Toolbox item

    • For Stand-alone Report Designer use the OpenEdge OpenClient Data Source tool located in the Data tab of the Ribbon bar

  2. A wizard form is started guiding you through the process which helps you to setup all needed settings

    • Proxy .NET assembly file along with its dependencies

    • The AppObject proxy type name used to communicate with the AppServer

    • The name of the method in the selected type which corresponds to the ABL procedure

    • (Optional) The name of the Table which data should be retrieved. Applicable only if the data is returned as DATASET

    • Input parameters that the procedure expects along with values and design-time parameter values.

    • AppServer connection settings

      1. Connection URL

      2. Username (when applicable)

      3. Password (when applicable)

      4. AppServer info (optional)

      5. Session model (managed/free)

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