Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight Namespace


Public classApplyParametersEventArgs
Provides data for the ApplyParameters event.
Public classCancelEventArgs
Provides data for an event that can be canceled.
Public classDialogBox
Represents a dialog box control.
Public classErrorEventArgs
Provides data for the Error event.
Public classErrorStatus
Represents a error status control
Public classExportBeginEventArgs
Provides data for the ExportBegin event.
Public classExtensionInfoModel
ExtensionInfo wrapper for data-binding
Public classInteractiveActionCancelEventArgs
Provides data for the OnInteractiveActionExecuting event.
Public classInteractiveActionEventArgs
Provides data for the OnInteractiveActionExecuting, OnInteractiveActionEnter and OnInteractiveActionLeave event.
Public classKeyDown
Enables binding an ICommand to the FrameworkElement.KeyDown event
Public classMultivalueAvailableValuesParameterModel
Public classMultivalueAvailableValuesParameterModelSelectAllItem
Represents the SelectAll item in a Multivalue/AvailableValues editor
Public classMultivalueParameterConverter
A value converter for multi-value parameters
Public classObservableObject
Represents an observable object.
Public classParameterModel
Represents the report parameter model to associate the parameter editor UI with.
Public classParameterModelCollection
Represents a collection of parameter models.
Public classParameterValueModel
Represents the parameter value model.
Public classRenderBeginEventArgsObsolete.
Provides data for the RenderBegin event.
Public classReportParameterEditorTemplateSelector
Represents a selector for the report parameter editor templates.
Public classReportParametersControl
Represents a control that holds a collection of ReportParameterTemplate.
Public classReportParameterTemplate
Represents a report parameter editor data template.
Public classReportViewer
Represents the Silverlight ReportViewer control.
Public classReportViewerTemplateParts
Specifies the template parts names.
Public classReportViewerModel
Represents the report viewer model created and used internally from the ReportViewer.
Public classReportViewerModelCommand
Represents a base class for a command.
Public classReportViewerModelReportViewerCommand
Represents a base class for the report viewer's commands.
Public classReportViewerStates
Defines the names of the report viewer visual states.
Public classScaleFactorConverter
Converts number to percent value.
Public classSingleStringValueParameterModel
Represents a model for a parameter of type 'string' with a single value.
Public classTextBoxEx
TextBox that autoupdates DataBound Text property in TwoWay binding
Public classTextResources
Provides the default tooltips and messages for the viewer.
Public classVisibilityConverter
A value converter for visibility and boolean values.
Public classZoomConverter
Formats a number as % string and vice-versa
Public classZoomModeConverter
Converts the ZoomMode enumeration to and from a string.


Public interfaceIReportServiceClientFactory
Enables users to write activation code for ReportServiceClient.
Public interfaceITextResources
This interface is used for customization or localization of all text resources, as alternative to localization/customization with .resx files.


Public delegateApplyParametersEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the ApplyParameters event.
Public delegateCancelEventHandler
Represents the method that handles an event that can be canceled.
Public delegateErrorEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the Error event.
Public delegateExportBeginEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the ExportBegin event.
Public delegateInteractiveActionEnterEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the InteractiveActionEnter event.
Public delegateInteractiveActionExecutingEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the InteractiveActionExecuting event.
Public delegateInteractiveActionLeaveEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the InteractiveActionLeave event.
Public delegateRenderBeginEventHandlerObsolete.
Represents the method that will handle the RenderBegin event.


Public enumerationViewMode
Specifies the page view mode for the ReportViewer control.
Public enumerationZoomMode
Specifies the zoom mode for the ReportViewer control.
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