Public classDailyRecurrenceRule
Represents a daily recurrence rule.
Public classHourlyRecurrenceRule
Represents a hourly recurrence rule.
Public classMinutelyRecurrenceRule
Represents a minutely recurrence rule.
Public classMonthlyRecurrenceRule
Represents a monthly recurrence rule.
Public classRecurrenceRule
Represents a base class that the actual recurrence rules extend.
The recurrence rule is passed as a string in the form of semicolon delimited list of key=value pairs.


Daily execution:

Every second day with a limit of 10 executions:

Daily execution with a limit until the provided date in JSON format:
Public classWeeklyRecurrenceRule
Represents a weekly recurrence rule.
Public classYearlyRecurrenceRule
Represents a yearly recurrence rule.


Public enumerationNavigationStepTypes
Scheduler view navigation step types
Public enumerationRecurrenceType
Specifies the recurrence rule type.
Public enumerationWeekDays
Specifies the days of the week.
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