Progress® Telerik® Reporting R1 2020

Telerik.Reporting.Services.WebApi Namespace


Public classCacheFactoryObsolete.
Creates different built-in cache implementations.
Public classClientReportSource
Represents a report source passed to the ReportsControllerBase from its clients.
Public classCreateDocumentArgs
Represents the arguments passed to the CreateDocument method of the ReportsControllerBase
Public classReportFileResolver
Creates an UriReportSource instance from relative path to .trdx/.trdp file
Public classReportResolverBase
Base report resolver with fallback mechanism
Public classReportsControllerBase
Base API controller for exposing a WebAPI to the report engine
Public classReportsControllerConfiguration
Represents the report controller configuration.
Public classReportsExceptionFilter
Represents report controller's exception filter attribute.
Public classReportTypeResolver
Resolves IReportDocument from report type name
Public classSendDocumentArgs
Represents the mail message arguments passed to the SendDocument method of the ReportsControllerBase
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