Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

Telerik.Reporting.Services.ServiceStack Namespace


Public classBuiltInResourceArgs
Public classGetClientsSessionTimeoutArgs
Public classKeepClientAliveArgs
Public classReportFileResolverObsolete.
Creates an UriReportSource instance from relative path to .trdx/.trdp file
Public classReportResolverBaseObsolete.
Base report resolver with fallback mechanism
Public classReportsHostBase
Represents the base host for the reports services which needs to be inherited in the client application
Public classReportTypeResolverObsolete.
Resolves IReportDocument from report type name
Public classSearchArgs
Public classSearchService
Public classSendDocumentArgs
Public classSendDocumentService
Public classVersionArgs
Public classVersionService


Public interfaceIExtensibilityPoints
Internal use only
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