Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

Telerik.Reporting.Services Namespace


Public classConfigSectionReportServiceConfiguration
Report service configuration that upon creation reads the restReportService configuration element from the application configuration file.
Public classCreateDocumentEventArgs
Provides data for the GetDocument API call modification.
Public classGetDocumentEventArgs
Provides data for the GetDocument API call modification.
Public classIReportServiceConfigurationExtensions
Provides static (Shared in Visual Basic) extension methods for objects that implement the IReportServiceConfiguration interface.
Public classReportServiceConfiguration
Default implementation of the IReportServiceConfiguration interface.
Public classReportSourceResolverBase
Base report source resolver with fallback mechanism.
Public classTypeReportSourceResolver
Creates an TypeReportSource from report type name.
Public classUriReportSourceResolver
Creates an UriReportSource instance from relative path to .trdx/.trdp file.


Public interfaceIReportDocumentResolver
Represents a resolver that creates a IReportDocument instance from a ReportSource instance.
Public interfaceIReportServiceConfiguration
Represents an object containing all dependencies and setting which the REST report service needs to operate.
Public interfaceIReportSourceResolver
Represents a resolver that creates a ReportSource instance from a string representation of a report document reference.


Public enumerationOperationOrigin
Represents the different requests to the reports service.
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