Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

Telerik.Reporting.Service.SilverlightClient Namespace


Public classGetPageEventArgs
Provides data from the GetPageCompleted event.
Public classGetReportParametersEventArgs
Provides data from the GetReportParametersCompleted event.
Public classListAvailableReportsEventArgs
Provides data from the ListAvailableReportsCompleted event.
Public classListRenderingExtensionsEventArgs
Provides data from the ListRenderingExtensionsCompleted event.
Public classRenderAndCacheEventArgs
Provides data from the RenderAndCacheCompleted event.
Public classRenderEventArgs
Provides data from the RenderCompleted event.
Public classReportServiceClient
The proxy to the Telerik Report Service.


Public interfaceIReportService
The Telerik Report Service interface.
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