Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

Telerik.Reporting.Service Namespace


Public classAction
Represents an interactive action.
Public classActionInfo
Represents an interactive action and its coordinates defined in the document hierarchy.
Public classBookmarkNode
Represents a bookmark in the document hierarchy.
Public classExtensionInfo
Represents a IExtension on the server
Public classNameValueDictionary
Represents a DictionaryTKey, TValue with String key and Object value.
Public classPageInfo
Represents the result of the GetPage service operation.
Public classParameter
Represents a ReportParameter ready to be displayed by a report viewer. Parameter is intended for internal use only.
Public classRenderingResult
Represents the result of the Render service operation.
Public classRenderingSessionInfo
Represents the result of a RenderAndCache service operation. This class is intended for internal use only.
Public classReportFileResolver
Resolves IReportDocument from physical path to .trdp/.trdx file
Public classReportFileResolverWeb
Resolves IReportDocument from a relative path to .trdp/.trdx file.
Public classReportInfo
Represents a Report on the server
Public classReportResolverBase
Base report resolver with fallback mechanism.
Public classReportService
The top-level class of the Telerik Reporting Web service.
Public classReportServiceBase
The base class of the Telerik Reporting WCF Service.
Public classReportServiceOperationException
Represents an error occurred during a Report Service operation.
Public classReportTypeResolver
Resolves IReportDocument from assembly qualified name
Public classServiceOperationResultBase
Represents the result of a service operation
Public classTextResources


Public interfaceIClientAccessPolicy
Enables the access to the security policy required by Silverlight
Public interfaceIReportResolver
Resolves IReportDocument
Public interfaceIReportService
Represents the Telerik Reporting service.
Public interfaceIResourceService
Represents the Telerik Reporting resource service.


Public enumerationActionType
Specifies the type of an interactive action.
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