Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

Telerik.Reporting.Drawing.Shapes Namespace


Public classArrowShape
Represents an arrow shape.
Public classBezierSegment
Represents a Bezier curve segment of a shape.
Public classCrossShape
Represents an cross shape.
Public classEllipse
Represents an ellipse segment of a shape.
Public classEllipseShape
Represents an ellipse shape.
Public classLineSegment
Represents line segment of a shape.
Public classLineShape
Represents a line shape.
Public classPolygonShape
Represents a polygon shape.
Public classPolygonShapeBase
Represents the base class for all polygon shapes.
Public classRoundedCornerShape
Represents shape with rounded corners.
Public classShapeBase
Base class for all shape types. The examples below illustrate how to inherit it when creating custom shapes
Public classStarShape
Represents a star shape.


Public interfaceIShapeSegment
Represents a shape segment.


Public enumerationLineDirection
Represents the direction of a line in a shape.
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