Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

Telerik.Reporting.Drawing Namespace


Public classAttributeSelector
Represents a selector that matches a property value of a report item.
Public classAttributeSelectorBase
Provides the abstract base class for an attribute selector.
Public classBackgroundImage
Represents a background image associated with a Style
Public classBackgroundOverlay
Represents a background overlay image on the design surface or on a printable page.
Public classBorderBase
Public classBorderColor
A class used to specify the color of the border of an item.
Public classBorderStyle
A class used to specify the style of the border of an item.
Public classBorderWidth
A class used to specify the width of the border of an item.
Public classColorPalette
Represents a collection of user-selected colors.
Public classConditionalFormatting
Public classDescendantSelector
Represents a selector that matches an item that is a descendant of another item.
Public classExternalStyleSheet
Represents an external style sheet used to style a report.
Public classExternalStyleSheetCollection
Represents a collection of ExternalStyleSheet objects.
Public classFont
Defines a particular format for text, including font face, size, and style attributes.
Public classFontExtensions
Font class extensions
Public classFormattingRule
Public classGradientPalette
A color palette that generates transitional colors based on a continuous linear gradient between two base colors.
Public classMarginsU
Public classMonochromaticPalette
A color palette that provides colors generated using a variable lightness between defined minimum and maximum values.
Public classPadding
Represents padding information associated with a report item.
Public classPageSettings
Specifies settings that apply to a single, printed page.
Public classPictureWatermark
Represents a picture watermark on a printable page.
Public classSelectorCollection
Represents a collection of objects that implement ISelector
Public classStyle
Represents the style of a report item.
Public classStyleRule
Represents a style rule to be applied.
Public classStyleRuleCollection
Represents a collection of StyleRule objects.
Public classStyleSelector
An attribute selector based on the style name property.
Public classStyleSheet
Represents a collection of styles for a ReportItemBase
Public classTextWatermark
Represents a text watermark on a printable page.
Public classTypeSelector
Represents a selector base on a Type
Public classWatermark
Represents a watermark on a printable page.
Public classWatermarkCollection
Represents a collection of watermarks on a printable page.


Public structurePointU
Represents an ordered pair of unit-based point x- and y-coordinates that defines a point in a two-dimensional plane.
Public structureRectangleU
Stores a set of four Unit-based numbers that represent the location and size of a rectangle.
Public structureSizeU
Stores an ordered pair of Unit-based numbers, typically the width and height of a rectangle.
Public structureUnit
A structure representing a unit of measure.


Public interfaceIColorPalette
A common interface for all the color palette implementations.
Public interfaceISelector
Allows an object to implement a style selector, and represents a set of methods to match a ReportItemBase and clone the selector.


Public enumerationBackgroundRepeat
Indicates how a background image will be repeated.
Public enumerationBorderType
Specifies the type of a border.
Public enumerationHorizontalAlign
Specifies the horizontal alignment of the text in a report item.
Public enumerationImageSizeMode
Specifies how an image is positioned within an item.
Public enumerationLineStyle
Specifies the type of a line item
Public enumerationUnitType
Represents the type of a Unit.
Public enumerationVerticalAlign
Specifies the vertical alignment of an object or text in a report item.
Public enumerationWatermarkOrientation
Defines the orientation of the watermark text on the printable page.
Public enumerationWatermarkPosition
Defines the position of the watermark relative to the other items on the printable page.
Public enumerationWatermarkSizeMode
Defines the sizing mode of the watermark image on the printable page.
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