Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

ReportViewer.OnApplyParameters Method

This method is called to trigger the ApplyParameters event. Override this method in order to change / add the parameter values that will be used in the upcoming render operation.

Namespace:  Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight
Assembly:  Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight (in Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight.dll) Version: R3 2021


protected virtual void OnApplyParameters(
	ApplyParametersEventArgs e


Type: Telerik.ReportViewer.SilverlightApplyParametersEventArgs
An ApplyParametersEventArgs object that contains the event data.


When overridden, make sure you call the base method implementation.

Version Information

Supported in: 1.0

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