Progress® Telerik® Reporting R1 2019


Your purchase of Telerik Reporting includes a run time royalty-free license to redistribute the reports in your own solutions. You can freely use and redistribute any reports that you build in  your own solutions, and your end users are not required to purchase their own licenses for the reports. Some potential uses of the reports require further discussion with our sales team.

Examples of Permitted Uses

  • Applications for internal company use.
  • Commercial applications deployed for end users by Telerik customers.
  • Shrink-wrapped software in which the Telerik reports are integrated.

Examples of Uses that Require Discussion

  • Products that expose the design-time functionality of the Telerik reports.
  • Products that do not add significant functionality to the Telerik reports.
  • Open source products.

For further details, please refer to the license agreement or send e-mail to to discuss your planned use of the controls.


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