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Add LocationMapSeries to the Map


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Product Progress® Telerik® Reporting Map Report Item


How can I add a LocationMapSeries instance to the Map report item?


The LocationMapSeries are used when the data points have a single coordinate pair, obtained directly from the data set or by using a location provider.

To add new PointMap, PieMap, or a ColumnMap series to the Map:

  1. Open the Series collection editor and Add new PointMapSeries, PieMapSeries, or ColumnMapSeries items.
  2. Set the GeoLocationGroup to an existing GeoLocationMapGroup instance or create a new one from scratch.
  3. Set the SeriesGroup to an existing MapGroup instance or create a new one from scratch.
  4. Group the data.

    • If you are creating a PointMapSeries, you can define a SeriesGroup by which your data will be grouped. This may come handy if you want to have a different color for every data point in your series.
    • If you are creating a PieMapSeries or a ColumnMapSeries, define an additional child group, which will be used to determine how the data will be grouped for every data point. The color and count of the pie sectors (or columns when creating a ColumnMapSeries) will be determined by the last child group of defined SeriesGroups. Usially, you will create a single series group without grouping (which will result in a static group) and add a single child group, with Groupings set to the field by which you will group the data.
  5. Set the Size to an expression that will be used to determine the pie sector or the column size.

When all the properties are set, the LocationMapSeries instance will look similar to the following one in the Property Grid:

Map Add Location Map Series

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