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Cross-section Item

The Cross-section Item is used to display a graphical primitive (vertical line or rectangle) across one or more report sections. It is often used in scenarios where the parts of the reports - usually group sections - needs to be visually distinguished from each other. The following screenshot shows how the Cross-section item looks like in the Standalone Report Designer:


You can use shapes to create visual effects within a report. You can set display and other properties to this item by using the Properties pane.


The properties that define the behavior of the Cross-section item are listed below:

  • BeginSection - this property defines the report section from which the cross-section item will start. It can be any instance of ReportSectionBase class: PageHeader, ReportHeader or GroupHeader.

  • BeginMargin - this property defines the offset from the top of the BeginSection measured in Unit s. The offset will be preserved if the BeginSection changes its size at runtime.

  • EndSection - this property defines the report section at which the cross-section item will end. It also can be any instance of ReportSectionBase class: PageFooter, ReportFooter or GroupFooter.

  • EndMargin - this property defines the offset from the bottom of the EndSection measured in Unit s. The offset will be preserved if the EndSection changes its size at runtime.

The properties that define the appearance of the Cross-section item are listed below:

  • Type - this property defines the type graphical primitive rendered by the cross-section item. It can be Line or Rectangle. The default value is Line.

  • Position - this property defines whether the cross-section item will be rendered under the rest of the report items or on top of them. It can be set to Behind or Front. The default value is Behind.

The Location and Size properties are calculated based on the BeginSection, BeginMargin, EndSection and EndMargin properties. Changing the values of the Location - or Size -related property like Top, Left, Width or Height will recalculate the values of BeginSection, BeginMargin, EndSection and EndMargin properties.

In most scenarios the Begin- and End sections would have matching types and hierarchy levels, i.e. ReportHeader - ReportFooter, GroupHeader - GroupFooter. Choosing mismatching sections can produce unexpected rendering results.

Instantiation and Design-Time Support

Since the Cross-section item can refer to more than one report sections, its parent is the Report item. Hence the Cross-section item can be dragged from the designer's toolbox onto the designer surface without selecting any report section first. When the Cross-section item is moved or resized on the report designer surface, its Begin- and End-related properties are automatically calculated based on its current location and size and displayed in the Properties window.

Selecting a Cross-section item can be done through the Report Explorer tool window or by clicking on the graphical primitive the item displays. If its Type is set to Line, the item's selectable area is on both sides of the displayed vertical line and spans to at least 6 pixels. If the item's Type is set to Rectangle, the selectable area can be any of its sides, again spanning to at least 6 pixels.

The Cross-section item has complete design-time support in Standalone Report Designer and Visual Studio Report Designer. The Web Report Designer currently provides basic designing capabilities and some of the properties of the Cross-section item cannot be edited through the dedicated property editors.

The Cross-section item can be added programmatically to a report with the following code:

void CreateAndInitializeCrossSectionItem()
    var reportGroup = report.Groups[0];

    var crossSectionItem = new CrossSectionItem();

    crossSectionItem.BeginSection = reportGroup.GroupHeader;
    crossSectionItem.BeginMargin = Drawing.Unit.Cm(0.5);
    crossSectionItem.EndSection = reportGroup.GroupFooter;
    crossSectionItem.EndMargin = Drawing.Unit.Cm(0.5);

    crossSectionItem.Left = Drawing.Unit.Cm(1);
    crossSectionItem.Width = Drawing.Unit.Cm(1);

{{source=CodeSnippets\VB\API\Telerik\Reporting\CrossSectionItemSnippets.vb region=CreateAndInitializeCrossSectionItemSnippet}}

Private Sub CreateAndInitializeCrossSectionItemSnippet()
    Dim reportGroup = report.Groups(0)
    Dim crossSectionItem = New Telerik.Reporting.CrossSectionItem()

    crossSectionItem.BeginSection = reportGroup.GroupHeader
    crossSectionItem.BeginMargin = Telerik.Reporting.Drawing.Unit.Cm(0.5)
    crossSectionItem.EndSection = reportGroup.GroupFooter
    crossSectionItem.EndMargin = Telerik.Reporting.Drawing.Unit.Cm(0.5)

    crossSectionItem.Left = Telerik.Reporting.Drawing.Unit.Cm(1)
    crossSectionItem.Width = Telerik.Reporting.Drawing.Unit.Cm(1)
End Sub

The order of assignments is important, because settings any Location - or Size -related properties would iterate through the sections of the report, determining which of its sections should be assigned to the BeginSection and EndSection properties, and also set the corresponding margins. That's why the item needs to be added to the Report's Items collection first and then assign its section-related properties.

Processing and Rendering

The Cross-section item is rendered per each page based on the occurrences of the report sections that match its Begin- and End section settings. If the EndSection is positioned on a following page or report column, the Cross-section item will generate a graphical primitive that spans to the end of the usable page area and continues from the top of the next page.

The Cross-section item uses the report's data context and cannot be evaluated against detail or group data. The processing engine produces a single instance per each Cross-section item in the report definition, therefore its style or visibility cannot be changed based on data fields.

The Cross-section item is designed to aid the production of form-type reports and it tries to preserve its location and size set at design-time. It will not grow when the report or any of its report section grows horizontally, therefore it won't be rendered on a page, generated as a result of such horizontal paging. However, in a multi-column report the Cross-section item will be generated per each report column shown on a page.

The Cross-section item is not supported in all rendering extensions. Please check the corresponding "Design Considerations" article to ensure if it is supported for a given rendering extension.

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