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How to Add a Report Item to Document Map

You can add a document map, which acts like a table of contents. A user can click items in the document map to jump to areas within a report.

Adding a report item to document map

  1. In Design view, make sure the Properties pane is visible. Select the report item that you want to add to the document map. In the Properties pane, type the text that you want to appear in the document map in the DocumentMapText property, or enter an expression that evaluates to a text. For example, type Product Catalog. If the DocumentMapText does not evaluate to unique value, then a unique value should be set to the BookmarkId property.

  2. Repeat step 1 for every report item that you want to appear in the document map.

  3. Click Preview. The report runs and the document map displays the text you created. Click any link to jump to the report page and the exact location of that item.

Report items positioned in the Page Header/Page Footer section of the report cannot be used to create nodes in the document map. Setting the DocumentMapText property of such item will have no effect.

Hiding the document map when you view a report

You can run the report without initially displaying the document map by setting the ReportViewer.DocumentMapVisible property to false (true by default), and then click the Show/Hide button on the report viewer toolbar to toggle its display whenever needed.

If you want to restrict the user from showing/hiding the document map, you can hide the corresponding button by altering the viewer's ShowDocumentMapButton (true by default) property.

The order of items in the document map is according to the order of the report items in the report items' collection, and not by the order in which you have added DocumentMapText to items.

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