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How to Add Bookmarks to a Table group

Add bookmarks to a report when you want to provide a customized table of contents or to provide customized internal navigation in the report. Typically, you add bookmarks to locations in the report to which you want to direct users. You can create your own strings to use as bookmarks, or, for groups, you can set the bookmark to the group expression. After you create bookmarks, you can add report items that the user can click to go to each bookmark. These items are typically text boxes or images.

Adding a bookmark to a Table group

  1. In Design view , right click outside the report sections, select View and open up the Group Explorer. Select a Table, Crosstab or List report item, so the Group Explorer shows the respective groups. Select a group to which you want to add a bookmark, right click on it and select Group Properties. The properties for the selected group appear in the Edit Table Group dialog.

  2. In the BookmarkId property, type a string that is the label for this bookmark. Alternatively, click the ellipsis to open the Expression dialog box to specify an expression that evaluates to text. Typically for a group, the expression you type should be the group expression.

The BookmarkId can be any string, but it must be unique in the report. If the BookmarkID is not unique, an action to the bookmark finds the first matching bookmark.

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