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How to Add a Custom Action

Adding a custom action using the Report Designer

  1. In Design view, right-click the report item to which you want to add a link and then click Properties.

  2. In The Properties dialog box for that report item, click Action. The Edit Action dialog will open.

  3. Select Custom. An additional section appears in the dialog box, containing a button titled Select parameters.

  4. Clicking the button will open the Edit Custom Action Parameters dialog box. Add one or more parameters, defining their Name and Value properties.

  5. Click OK when ready.

  6. To test the action, preview the report and click the report item with the applied custom action. A message will appear, displaying information for the action's properties.

Adding a custom action programatically

    Telerik.Reporting.CustomAction customAction = new Telerik.Reporting.CustomAction();
    customAction.Parameters.Add("param1", "=Fields.Name");
    customAction.Parameters.Add("param2", "=Now()");
    textBox1.Action = customAction;

{{source=CodeSnippets\VB\API\Telerik\Reporting\ActionSnippets.vb region=AddNewCustomActionSnippet}}

    Dim customAction As New Telerik.Reporting.CustomAction()
    customAction.Parameters.Add("param1", "=Fields.Name")
    customAction.Parameters.Add("param2", "=Now()")
    textBox1.Action = customAction

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