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Chart Basics

This article is obsolete. The Chart item is now superseded by the more advanced Graph item. The Graph item is most often used for building powerful OLAP/Pivot charts.

Charts are composed of a hierarchy of elements. Most of the elements are common across all chart types (unless otherwise noted). The illustration below shows some of the significant chart elements.  

Chart elements

Chart Element Descriptions


The heading for the chart as a whole. The position and appearance of the title is completely customizable.

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The legend contains a symbol and name for each series in the chart.  The legend may also display a series of items. The position and appearance of the legend can also be customized.

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Axis Item

Axis Items are the individual points along each axis that help indicate the axis measurement and scale.

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Grid Lines

Vertical and horizontal lines parrallel to the X and Y axes.  These grid lines form the grid, making the chart easier to read.

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Point Mark

The point mark is a visual cue to enhance visibility of data points on line and area charts.

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Series Items
Chart Series

Series contains a set of data points to be drawn on the chart. This set of points contains related data. Each series can be represented by a chart type. Pie charts use only a single series. For other chart types there is no limitation to the number of series or items within each series.

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Item Label

The label next to each data point displaying a value or custom text.

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The distance between the outer edge of an item to the outer edge of the item containing it.  For example, the margin for the plot area is the distance from the plot area border to the outermost border of the chart. Plot area, legend and title all have margins. 

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Axis Label

The label next to each axis identifying the nature of data points found along that axis.

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Plot Area

The area enclosed between the X and Y axes.

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Axis ticks are small marks that identify the position of items on the axes and the starting points of gridlines.

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Plot Area Border

The line that encloses the area between the X and Y axes.

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Axis (X and Y)

These axes form the coordinates in which the data points are placed. Chart series items are displayed along the X and Y axes.  Note: Pie charts do not use axes.

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Background Border

The outermost line that encloses the whole chart area.

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Exploded Pie

A piece of the a Pie chart that is visually separated from the rest of the pie for easier distinction.

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