Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

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Building Charts

This article is obsolete. The Chart item is now superseded by the more advanced Graph item. The Graph item is most often used for building powerful OLAP/Pivot charts.

To provide flexibility and best ease-of-use, Telerik provides multiple avenues to populate chart. There are three main techniques for building the chart: interactively at design-time, programmatically at runtime and by data binding.

In simple scenarios or to test out a design you can use the design-time interface to build the entire chart. Collection editors provide a consistent interface and easy navigation over all your chart series and series items. You can also use the Chart Wizard to display a subset of the data.

Most business applications display some sort of database data so Chart fully supports binding data source data to labels and data elements via the Data Source Components.  The chart item also supports data binding to the X-Axis.

To create Chart and populate the ChartSeries and ChartSeriesItem collections:

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